Me as ‘learner’

In search of a good idea!

IdeaI have spent sometime thinking about what it is that I would like to ‘learn’ as part of this course and I am lacking some inspiration.  I do not whether that is due to my growing understanding of what actually constitutes a Networked and Global Learning example or my desire to challenge myself to learn something completely new.

I mentioned in my ‘Me as teacher’ post that I had been considering looking at ways to introduce Skype into my teaching and/or coding.  However, the practical challenges of how to overcome the realities of time zones and academic timetabling constraints within the classroom, as well as school imposed limitations, all contributed to my initial shelving of these ideas.  I did, however, sign up for Codecademy today and completed 15 or so lessons, but not sure if I am really that passionate about coding.  Did the same with Scratch, but again, not feeling it!

I read that David was going to dive into Minecraft, not sure if that is what others are thinking as well.  Truth be told though I am not much of a gamer, much to he horror of by 11 year old niece!  But if that is what everyone else is leaning towards, I could see the benefits of the group discuss that might come from a number of us doing the same one.

So then, where does that leave me for declaring my learning intention for this aspect of the course?  Sadly, still in need of some inspiration!!!  Ideas anyone???

To be continued…

Image Credit                                                                                  

Idea                                                                                                    Creative Commons_by-nc-sa Image by William Petruzzo


2 responses to “Me as ‘learner’

  1. G’day Anne, Late to this post. I see you’ve evolved into what appears to be a more complex/non-traditional aim. I think all of the above would’ve been ok, but engaging you is an important criteria. BTW, it’s World of Warcraft I’m going to learn about, not Minecraft. Your niece would cringe at you confusing the two. 🙂 David.


    • You’re right, David. She certainly would be horrified! My apologies for the mix up. Thank you for the reassurance. I have been thinking about my project on and off again today. At least now I can settle on the idea and see how it develops.


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