Flickr – Technology in Learning application

I love the concept of this project.  What a great way to see what is happening around the world.  I participated in similar project earlier in the year through Twitter with a Year 4 class who were study clouds and wanted people to send through photos of the clouds in their part of the world.  The students were then using this to classify the different types of clouds whilst also developing an understanding that cloud forms are similar around the world.  The true power of NGL at work.  Kind of makes me wish I was back at work (almost) as I know my students are currently studying our Asia…could have made for a great project for this course.

2014_22_July[Gold Coast-Australia]_1  2014_22_July[Gold Coast-Australia]_2These are the two photos I sent through for the Flickr task.  They were taken on my walk on Monday.  Great weather right!  I am luck enough to live of the Gold Coast where the weather is just a tad warmer than Toowoomba!



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