One Minute Paper – Week 1

Well I have been saving the best for last!  One minute, here we go…

1. What is the most significant thing you’ve learned this week?

The most significant thing that I have learnt this week as got to be the importance of finding a way to better manage my time!  My personality type can be a bit obsessive, this combined with my need for understanding and to ‘follow the rules’ have no doubt impacted upon this as well.  Still I will need to look at this in the coming weeks in an effort to become more efficient and less ‘bogged down’ in the number of tasks to complete.  While I have taken a great deal in this week, I feel somewhat exhausted by the process.

The readings have, however, clarified a number of things for me this week and I have a better understanding of where we might be heading in this course, and indeed where I might be heading with my studies in general.

I am also quite taken with Mendeley and have found it extremely easy to use.  I may just have found my new favourite annotation and note-taking tool.  I especially like that you can use it offline and that it store all the details about the articles for you automatically (in most cases) – a great time saver!

2. What question/problem remains uppermost in your mind?

As I mentioned above, time is a bit of a concern for me, as this week’s activities have taken me days and nights of solid work to complete.  In reading the article concerning ‘connectivism’, (of course toward the end of readings) I began to wonder if I was just supposed to pick and chose activities and readings to complete.  Still the instructions within the course blog suggested otherwise.  So I guess I would really like to know if I am on the right track of not before we get too far into the course.  More than happy for ideas and suggestions on how to streamline my blog (especially if it will save me a little time).

I am also unsure as to what learning project to undertake.  Again, I may be just over thinking it all but I am still having trouble settling on an idea.  I think the fact that I am not currently teaching is a little bit of a stumbling block for me as well.


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