Me as a ‘Learner’ – Take 2

Well since my original post, my thoughts have been consumed with what to do for this project to ‘learn’ something using networked and global technologies.  In the early hours of this morning I think I might have finally settled on an idea.

I have always been intrigued with how social media, especially sites like ‘Facebook’, is used to enlist support for a variety of different causes.  Everything from ‘Thank the troops’ to ‘Help us get a thousand likes so Dad will let us have a puppy.’  Increasingly my feeds seem to be dotted with these posts appealing to my social consciousness.  To be honest though,  like many of you, based on their wordings I am often left feeling guilt if I don’t click ‘LIKE’ or fearful something terrible will happen if I don’t ‘SHARE’.  I have always wondered though, does clicking ‘LIKE’ actually reflect true social consciousness?  After all you don’t really actually have to DO anything.

So for my project I am currently looking to combine two things in order to find an answer to my questions.

Firstly, I am going to purse setting up a project similar to that of the ‘weather’ project we took part in this week using Flickr.

Secondly, I am going to stagger the release of instructions regarding DOING something to participate in the social action, in this case sending a photograph through to Flickr, via various groups that I belong to.  Initial roll out will be by email and Instant Messaging to a small group of immediate family and close friends, then pass it onto my Learning Network Group on Facebook, my blog, Facebook Friends, Edmodo professional development groups, and finally Twitter.  By stagger this release I will also be interested to observe possible differences between each groups regarding participation.

Should be interesting to see what happens!

Three hours later…

Arhhh!  I have just read David’s post and I think I am on the wrong track.  Truth be told, all my efforts have been focused on my learning over the last six months.  And that learning has been centred around blended and online learning. I have never been one for hobbies.  So is the fact that I am interested in photography and Flickr is something I’ve never really used, not really been a ‘contributor’ to social media still make what I am planning to do viable?



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