PKM – ‘Seek Sense Share’ Framework

In looking to get my head around Harold Jarche‘s ‘Seek Sense Share’ framework, I, like many of you, took the opportunity to explore the web link that  David provided for Jarche’s work.  I looked at the examples provided, even did a Google image search to see what else was out there, all the time searching for inspiration about how I might go about constructing my own model for this course.  Still I wanted to know more!

I find the simplicity of this model attractive ( I am a long time supporter and champion of the ‘Rule of 3’) but was interested in how Jarche arrived at this formula.  In researching a little more widely I came across this video on YouTube where Jarche gives a little background to the model.  Having done so much reading in the last couple of weeks, it is was nice to sit back and hear from the man himself.

I also found this link to a paper written by Harold Jarche in which he outlines much of the theory and influence on his model.  Jarche also explored how his model can be overlaid over other common organisational structures.  Definitely worth a read!  As per David’s suggested ‘List of things to learn how to do’ (TEST Framework) I am going to have a go sharing the link in both Diigo and Mendeley but I will include the  link  here, just in case!

Putting the P in PKM!

In starting to construct my own Personal Knowledge Management system using the Seek Sense Share framework I made the decision to first take stock of what my PKM looks like now.

Seek Sense Share 1

I am so glad I did!  It made a few things glaringly obvious to me, especially when compared by current PKM with Jarche’s Four Quadrant PKM.


This made it much easier to think about what goals I want, and need, to set for myself during this course.  Firstly I need to experiment and explore different ways of managing information in order to be more efficient and effect with my use of time (precious resource that it is).  Secondly, I need to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and share more, having come to realise through the readings of the last two weeks that it is about the dialogue not a perfect finished product.  And finally, find ways to streamline and focus my use of technology to avoid feeling overwhelmed and overloaded.

With this in mind, I created another Seek Sense Share model.  As David mentioned in the course blog, I am sure that it will change and evolve throughout this course but I am going to try and keep it streamlined and simple.  By looking to use less technologies, especially in making ‘Sense’ of the material, I hope to better explore and  master their capabilities.

Seek Sense Share 2





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