Using the TEST Framework & David’s ‘To Do List’

Test framework

I must confess to having a look at the TEST framework but found it a bit cumbersome to work through – so many questions and considerations.  I see the value in each of the steps; Task, Environment, Skills, Technology and however, the process as outlined here would not be something that I would use.  Granted, as I look to learning something new or acquire a new skill, I more often than make this mental analysis before I beginning.  But if I am truly honest my approach to learning something new is driven by sheer stubbornness as apposed to detailed planning.  I guess some may call it determination or persistence, but I will generally just stick with something as long as it takes until I get it, drawing on the others advice and guidance as required (online and/or in person).  I find I learn best by discovering the process myself, experimenting and learning from mistakes.  I also find that in taking this approach to acquiring new skills or knowledge I am less likely to forget what I have learnt and have to repeat the process at a later date.

Got to love a ‘To Do List’!

So where does this leave me with David’s ‘To Do List’?

  1. Write a blog post the links to another a post from another participant.
  2. Write a blog post that has a YouTube video embedded in it. 
  3. Share a reference relevant to NGL to the EDU8117 Mendeley group.
  4. Use Feedly to know about the most recent resources shared via the EDU8117 Diigo group.
  5. How can the participants in this course curate a shared podcast of interesting audio/video presentations and talks?

Well, this week I am looking to tackle the three items of the list that are most within my comfort zone; inserting a YouTube video, sharing a relevant reference to the EDU8117 Mendeley group and access Feedly on a more regular basis (daily if I can) to monitor shared resources and links via Diigo.

Writing a blog post that links to another post is something I will aim to do next week, when hopefully everyone is up and running with their blogs.

And then there was one!

Curating a share podcast containing audio/video presentations and talks is much more out of my comfort zone.  I have never created a podcast before so this is a new challenge.  I aim to start reading up on podcasts and starting to look at what tools are out there that might help this week. Might even put the feelers out into my developing PLN to see what other might recommend as well.  Hopefully I will try and tackle this one in either Week 3 or 4.  Getting a bit excited actually.  I have listed to plenty of podcasts but have never thought to create my own. Should be interesting!



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