Assembling my TEAM of experts!

Metal menNot exactly the X-Men but you get the idea!

Over the last week I have been working my way through the recommended list of people to follow. Having check out their profiles and read through some of their posts I have added a number of them to my Twitter follow list including; George Seimens, Chris Bigum, Joyce Seitzinger, Alan Levine, Steve Wheeler, Peter Goodyear, Neil Selwyn and Audrey Watters.

To this I also added links to the collective via Diigo both for Terry Anderson and Jon Dron (authors of this week’s readings).  I also subscribed to Terry Anderson’s blog ‘Virtual Canuck – Teaching & Learning in a Net-centric world.’  I am becoming increasingly interested in Terry Anderson after finding him as one of the senior presenters on a MOOC course that relates to Online Instruction that I was looking into.  David Corimer also appeared on the list of presenter which had me a little intrigued as well, especially given the possible focus of my Design-Research Project, so he definitely made the team!

I also added Martin Dougimas founder of Moodle and Mary Cooch, who affectionately calls herself the ‘Moodle Fairy’.  Though at this stage I am unsure as to the exact direct of my Design-Based Research Project it seem prudent to add them to my growing list.  I also added E-Learning Strategy, Inform Ed and TeachOnline@UCF for their connection to online teaching practices.

As an aside, though it contributes I believe to ‘growing my network’, I also enrolled in another Coursera Course called ‘Learning to Teach Online‘ rune by UNSW as I thought it might also give some interest practical insight into the process I may undertaken.  Would love to complete the course but just don’t seem to have the time.  Definitely worth enrolling for the resources though! Have also download a few readings related to my proposal but have yet to get to those.  So my team remains still under construction, as I am sure it will be for some time yet!

Would be very interested to learn of anyone else that people might think are worth following for their work in the area of developing online courses, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and/or managing change for teachers in e-learning/technology.


Metal men

Creative Commons_by-nc-sa Image by: Jams



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