A very good question…still working on an answer!

Well, I have looked at the task for this section – ‘Activity – an experiment in self, peer and teacher assessment of your work’ and truth be told I am feeling quite confronted.  Not having had the criteria when I have written my previous post, my ‘learner’ posts to-date have not been written in this format.  As for my ‘teacher’ post, I find myself wondering if I should have written more on this topic, arhhh!  Which leaves the ‘student’ posts…I am assuming that means all the other post pertaining to the course?

I have done some ‘lurking’ to see if anyone else has done this aspect of the Week 3 yet, and ‘God Bless’ Brendon!  Wondering if anyone else has had a go at this.? I also noted on Brendon’s blog that he has started using the headings ‘As Student’, ‘As Teacher’ and ‘As Learner’ and wondering if I should now be doing this same given the establishment of a criteria.

Have decided to pop this one to the side for the moment until I can get a better handle on what I am doing.


4 responses to “A very good question…still working on an answer!

  1. Hi Anne,
    I did yesterday and it admittingly it was on my best post, I think As Student and I shared it via Diigo. I haven’t been following it either and realise that I’m kind of a bit random, and going my own way. 😀


    • Thank you, Annelise, I appreciate you letting me know. I am going back over all my post and realise this probably would have been a good way to label, or at least tag them.Thanks again!


  2. Anne, you can always go back and add past posts with categories in WordPress. It’s what I would have done had I engaged more as planned.

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  3. Thanks David! I was thinking tags, as I have used categories as a way of organising the weeks but I guess you can do both. Will give it a go anyway!


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