Modes of Learning Assessment – Harvard EdX

I have recently finished my first MOOC course through EdX.  The course, ‘Leaders of Learning‘ was run by Professor Richard Elmore, and I cannot commend it to you highly enough.  It not only gave me great insight into myself as a learner, but how those different modes of learning are also reflected in leadership and institutional structures.


While the course itself finished on Tuesday 26.  I thought some of you might be interested in signing up to take the ‘Modes of Learning Assessment’ which will identify where you sit in terms of your preferred mode of learning.

I have included by results both before and after taking the course.  Would be interested to hear if your results were you as you expected!

Modes of Learning - end



4 responses to “Modes of Learning Assessment – Harvard EdX

  1. Was somewhat annoyed that the survey system didn’t prevent you from selecting the same “rank” for different options.

    In the Hierarchical Individual Quadrant you scored 9.52%
    In the Hierarchical Collective Quadrant you scored 11.11%
    In the Distributed Individual Quadrant you scored 84.13%
    In the Distributed Collective Quadrant you scored 50.79%

    Would be interesting to hear more about what this potentially means, if only I had the time.


  2. I agree, David – I had the same frustrations at the time but it certainly did challenge me to get to the heart of what was important to me…some touch choices! Interesting I had to so the same test at the end of the course. Very little movement for me but the course did confirm some things that I have thought for a long time about the direction of education. The course videos are on YouTube, and have a few other bits and pieces, if you ever want to find out a little more! Time being the challenge of course!


  3. Wow, Anne, the course sounded great. Thank you for sharing. I will do one in time to come, I’ve spread myself too thin but your experience has shown me the potential of it. Up to this point all I had done was read about it but you’ve proved to me how good it is and how possible it is to complete it successful too.

    I also didn’t realise the diversity of courses that it provides, it covers the whole spectrum. 😀 I now need to go an edit a blog post lol!

    Thanks again,


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