What does the future hold?

On reading Brendon’s post ‘Learning quotes and thoughts…’ I was struck by his reminder that…

“We need to remember that we are currently preparing students for jobs that do not exiI st yet and our students will be solving problems that we do not even know are problems. We need to be adaptable to change and learning is such a fast paced industry that is becoming technologically-rich, which in turn increases the pressures on teachers.”

He words prompted me to remember of a couple of video links I posted on Twitter a little while back.  I thought you might find them a little interesting in light of Brendon’s post.

I also came across this video by  called ‘Making the Future’.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts?  After all, each of these videos have been created for a specific purpose, the question is, do they paint an accurate picture of where you think education might be heading?


Willcocks, B. (2014, August 19). Learning Quotes and Thoughts… [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://willocksb.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/learning-quotes-and-thoughts/



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