Great minds clearly think alike!

Well it turns out that great minds really do think alike!  I was working on a very similar post on the weekend, but Brendon has beaten me to the punch!  I did come across this infograph though that I thought might be worthwhile sharing anyway.  It gives a brief overview of each of the Myer-Briggs personality types, though, I am not too sure if the descriptions ring true.  Looking forward to finding out where everyone fits!

The infograph comes from a website which I have shared through Diigo called ‘Educational Technology Infographics‘.  I like the fact that it provides embedding codes making it very easy to upload online.  Definitely worth a look!


3 responses to “Great minds clearly think alike!

  1. There are some significant questions about this approach, though I’ve engaged with it previously


  2. Agreed, it certainly isn’t something I would base life’s important decisions around but does provide an interesting springboard into self-reflection. But then so does this test – In fact, perhaps it is even more insightful, as a Muppet fan from way back!


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