More than you might think!

What do these two people have in common?

Anne and HitlerA little more than you might think!

I have long known that on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test that I am an INFJ!

Just to be sure and in the spirit of sound research, which utilising multiple sources I told myself, I had a go at a couple of the other web-based ‘assessments’ that Brendon provided in his blog post.  Yet my results seem to always the same!

It was interesting to note the break down of the results that was given by the first web link which also highlighted ‘distinct and slight’ preferences.  I was also secretly just pleased to see that Carl Jung received some of the credit he deserves!

Turns out I am DISTINCTLY introverted yet have only ‘slight’ tendencies in all other areas. What complicated beings we are!  On reflection, I also think it goes to show that over time your preferences can and do change.  If I was to have completed this kind of assessment in my distant youth, I am extremely confident that my results would have been dramatically different.  Our life experience, work and relationships all seem to leave their lasting mark, helping to shape our personalities.  How incredibly significant and important then is our work with young people!

A little more to ponder!  The complexities of the universe tend to keep me up at night these days…like, for example, what do I have in common with Adolf Hitler!  Turns out, aside from our German heritage, far more than I would like to admit – but in the words of Goodyear (2014),

“Trust can be infectious within networks”

And we are all trusted members of a global networked community aren’t we? So Let the sharing begin –

Hitler was born on the 20th April -the estimated date for my arrival in the world.

Hitler died on the 30th of April – my actual birth date.

And, so it seems,  we are both an INFJ on the Myers Briggs Personality Test!

All a bit of a concern really!


Goodyear, P. (2014), Productive Learning Networks.  The Evolution of Research and Practice. In Carvalho, L. & Goodyear, P. (Eds.), The Architecture of Productive Learning Networks. (pp. 23-47). New York: Routledge.







Creative Commons_byImage by: Lies Thru a Lens  (original image cropped and recolour in accordance with copyright allowances)


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  2. I’m also an INFJ, but I wasn’t born on April 30th 😉

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