Are we filters?

I came across this video, quite by accident when I followed a link David provided through Diigo to a YouTube video on ‘The Networked Student‘.  I had seen the video before so decided to click on this one on a whim and found that it made some interesting points which connected to some comments I have made in previous posts.

In particular I was taken with one particular quote –  “Teachers are no longer the main sources of information – we are the filters.”


While I am not 100% sure about the analogue I do agree that our job has become increasingly about ‘how to teach children to handle information.”  Show them how validate, synthesis, leverage and communicate information whilst also showing them ways in which they can collaborate and problem solve with that information.

Further the clip challenges teachers to consider whether they “Should be focus on fact and content or skills?” and providing a comprehensive list of what some of these skills might entail, especially in light of the increasing use of technology.  Along considering the power of the teacher’s voice in addressing and educating students about responsibility, reliability and integrity when working online.

It addressing the value of challenging students to leverage these tool in their learning to make it both more relevant, challenging and engaging.

Throughout much of this course, I have found myself grabbling with, on the one hand, how to provide my students with the freedom and opportunity to construct their own knowledge,  and then on the other hand, ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed to be effective in this process.  This video goes a small way to helping me resolve these issues.  Perhaps now that I am better understanding the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to global and networked learning I am beginning to focus more on the ‘how to’ of the process.  Given that I work a little further down the scale than many of you,  I feel that many of the skills needed to develop great constructivist thinkers and creators needs to start with a little more direct instruction and guided investigation.  Not to say though that that process cannot be meaningful, powerful and engaging and hopefully a little fun as well!  Would be interested to hear your thoughts!




by-nc-saMarina Noordegraaf


2 responses to “Are we filters?

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  2. Hi Anne,

    A great post and gave me heaps of food for thought. I agree about modelling through direct instruction as it is essential. The video really illustrates how much our roles are changing.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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