Design-Based Research: Questions

POssible research questions:

Due to the increasing prevalence of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in K-12 schools in Australia and their use in delivery of online learning (virtual, blended/hybrid/flipped) the following questions have been developed to guide the planned intervention for this proposal:

  • Can an online course, implemented through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) and modelling best practice, help to increased teachers’ self efficacy about using a LMS to develop worthwhile and engaging online learning experiences for students?
  • Can an LMS be used to develop and engage teachers in an online Community of Practice?
  • Do teachers demonstrate a preference for individual or collaborative learning when working through a LMS professional development course?
  • To what extend can explicit online professional development, supported by a Community of Practice, impact upon individual teachers’ pedagogy and classroom practice?



2 responses to “Design-Based Research: Questions

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  2. Hi Anne,
    The way I understand your problem and research question is that you are looking into the potential of an online course for teachers (using a LMS platform) in encouraging them to use a LMS in their classrooms. You are then looking at how the use of such a system could change these teachers’ pedagogy and steer their teaching more in the direction of a blended learning approach that incorporates ICTs and collaboration in an online community of practice.
    If I understand correctly (and please correct me if I don’t 😉 , I would pose the following questions:
    What kind of LMS do you have in mind? Is it a fairly open system, or a closed one? I’m just wondering how teachers would be able to connect with an online community of practice if the online PD course would be offered within the boundaries of a LMS.

    I guess another way to look at it, is that it could be beneficial for teachers to learn how to make connections through the LMS if that is the system they will need to use in their classes. This way, they might be able to figure out ways of making best use of the system, even though it might have its limitations.

    Once I’m sure that I have understood correctly, I will try my best to provide more useful feedback.


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