Design-Based Research Proposal – Phase Two Feedback


Thank you to all those who provided feedback on my initial project musings. Your contributions were very much appreciated!  Your feedback was constructive and really forced me to get to the heart of what I was trying to achieve through this project.  I hope with this draft I have been more successful in articulating my focus and the circumstances and research that support the details of the intended intervention.

For my part I have found structuring this proposal challenging, having never encountered this particular approach to research before.  I have endeavoured to find an example upon which to model my implementation and while this proved troublesome, I did find this example – ‘Designs for Learning’ which seemed more in tune with the nature of my intended intervention.

Any additional feedback you might be will to offer would be very much appreciated – Google Document – Mark #2.



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4 responses to “Design-Based Research Proposal – Phase Two Feedback

  1. Hi Anne, I had a read and made some comments. It looks pretty good – just some areas I think you can strengthen. The link on this page to ‘Designs for Learning’ didn’t work so perhaps have a look at that – I’d like to have a look and see how it looks.


  2. Thank you Paul for your feedback. I was particular interested in the work you hinted out around CoP and face-to-face meetings, can you point me in the direction of a particular researcher or paper so that I might have a look. Not sure what has happened with the link. I have created another hyperlink so hopefully it works now. Thanks again for your feedback, Paul. Its is very much appreciated!


  3. Done! (on the google doc)… and thanks to you too for your thorough feedback on my second phase! Mari


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